20 World started when Cam Citi and Trap Buddy met during a rap cypher at a party at 18 years old. A Mutual love for Hip Hop culture and an honest friendship later turned into their first rap duo. Recording at Cam’s parents house provided the perfect opportunity for them to hone their talent and build their skills. A few years after being a rap duo, Cam got reacquainted with an old high school football friend Indica who was getting into writting raps himself and needed a place to record. After recording 2 full albums at Cam’s house and seeing his passionate live performances they decided to bring Indica aboard to form the trio. They built a natural chemistry in real life and on the mic, the three then recruited Indica’s long time high school friend Blackout (formerly Sev) to get in the studio and feature on some songs with the group. The 4 immediately hit it off and began working on music daily completely wrapped up in the fun of creating. Cam, Indica, and Trap Buddy where undoubtedly impressed with Blackout’s lyrical ability and asked him to join 20 World. Countless recording sessions and live shows later, These 4 friends come to form the 20 world that you know today! Continue this journey with us as we hope to bring truth to the world thru music and promote a positive lifestlye of actively changing your own world. Some say 20 World means to be in the 20% of people who are making all the change in the world, some say 20 means the period of life when you find your true voice and really start to pursue your passions in life. Yet others say 20 means to live free and see your way through all of the bs with clear 20/20 vision. Regardless of what 20 means to you, one thing is clear. That through embracing diversity and banding together for the common good, anything is possible. we hope to change the world for the better and promote a lifestyle of like minded people who vow to do the same! Don’t hesitate to Join to Tribe and see what this life has to offer