Being the eccentric person that he is, Cam Citi has a passion for the Different, a real lust for new, unique, and obscure. A Jack of all trades that wears many hats in the 20 World tribe, Cam’s creativity can be seen displayed in many different forms: Artist, Mix Engineer, Videographer, and Producer. From the crazy sounds in his beats to the melodies and punchlines he delivers on the mic, Cam is always looking for that one Gem thats going to catch his listeners ear and make them go “Wow! How did he think of that?”.

Spending most of his adolesence in Las Vegas and being exposed to many different cultures and lifestyles growing up, Cam has come to know life from a truely unique perspective that only he can begin to eloborate. He represents the drifters, the wanderers, the loners, the stoners, and the anti-establishment makers of the world. The chameleons who can survive anywhere. Power to the People!